Colors: Reading List

Colors Reading list

Dayle Ann Dodds

Alexander the monkey crawls into a funny-looking box and begins his color finding adventure. Traveling through "color spots" on each page, Alexander experiences many different colors and the objects they represent. Whether he is diving into a world of blue dolphins or sliding down into a white winter wonderland, children will enjoy following Alexander as he explores the world of color. The bright cut-paper illustrations and die cut holes will intrigue children as they try to guess what each new page will bring.

Patrick George

There is a lot to see in this not-so-ordinary book about colors. Young children will enjoy naming the things they see as the objects magically appear and disappear with each see-through page. In the back of the book there are big and bold colorful dots that magically turn into new colors too. Who knew magic could be found in a book? This a great book for "now you see it, now you don’t" fun.

Roseanne Thong

Follow along as a young Asian girl discovers the world of color all around her: yellow taxis, blue sneakers, a purple kite, and more. Red is a Dragon is full of beautiful and bright illustrations and rich rhyming text that combine to create a charming concept book that will delight young readers. 

Bill Martin Jr.

Starting with a big brown bear, guess what other animals are hiding on the following page including a green frog, a red bird and a blue horse. Martin's gentle rhythmic text: "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?" combined with Eric Carle's colorful full page collage illustrations, encourages even toddlers to chime in with the reader. This well-loved classic is a great concept book of colors and animals.

Charlotte Zolotow

A little girl needs help finding the perfect birthday present for her mother. Mr. Rabbit offers his assistance with the quest. The little girl wants to give her mother "something that she likes"...something red, something yellow, something green, something blue. Read this charming story complete with wondrous colorful illustrations to find out what the lovely present is.

Mary McKenna Siddals

This is a great book to teach toddlers and preschoolers the four seasons and the many colors associated with them. It begins with a brown, gray spring morning and becomes increasingly more colorful until it reaches a black and white winter night. Siddals writes simply yet descriptively while the accompanying artwork brings her words vibrantly to life. I recommend reading this story to children shortly before bedtime or any other occasion requiring peace and quiet.