Animals: Reading List

Animals Reading List

Bill Martin Jr.

Starting with a big brown bear, guess what other animals are hiding on the following page including a green frog, a red bird and a blue horse. Martin's gentle rhythmic text: "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?" combined with Eric Carle's colorful full page collage illustrations, encourages even toddlers to chime in with the reader. This well-loved classic is a great concept book of colors and animals.

Deborah Guarino

Lloyd the llama learns that mamas come in all shapes and sizes. He asks each of his friends, "Is your mama a llama?" and they respond by describing their mothers for him. The charming riddle rhymes encourage children to participate in the story. Kellogg's soothing, watercolor illustrations will delight baby animal lovers. This is a great book to read aloud.

David McPhail

How would you like to have pigs as house guests? As a man is quietly reading a book he hears feeding noises, and soon realizes that his house is being invaded by partying pigs. Imagine his alarm as he sees the pigs eat everything in sight, make a huge mess of his house, dance in kilts and underpants, and bring in a kareoke singer. However, the last straw is when he receives a $685 pizza bill!! The clever rhymes and delightful illustrations will make you want to discover how the man handles his unruly house guests.

Lucy Gonzalez

A bossy rooster dirties his beak on his way to the wedding of his uncle the parrot. He asks the grass at the side of the road to clean his beak, starting a chain of events in this bilingual cumulative folktale from Cuba. A wonderful tale that rolls off the tongue when read aloud and humorously introduces the Spanish language to children of all ages.

Verna Aardema

A tiny mosquito tells a tall tale which sets into motion a series of events, some comical and some sad. All of the jungle animals became upset by the news of an owlet's death and consequently mother owl is too sad to wake up the sun. The animals get together to fix the situation and punish mosquito. Mosquito gives up telling tall tales, but learns an even more annoying habit. Leo and Diane Dillon's powerful, award-winning illustrations of African masks and woodprints evoke a strong sense of jungle.