Teddy Bears: Reading List

Teddy Bears Reading List

Carmela LaVigna Coyle

The brother-sister superhero duo has arrived! Throughout the story, the little sister questions her older brother about all the rules of being a proper superhero. She wonders whether a blankie makes an appropriate cape, if it is okay to bring along your favorite teddy bear and what to do if a superhero breaks something. The simple question-and-answer format Carmela LaVigna Coyle used in her earlier books is a perfect fit for showcasing the interactions between these two pint-sized heroes! The illustrations capture the curiosity of the little sister as well as the older brother and his bravado. A wonderful book to share with your favorite little hero! 

Barbara Barbieri McGrath

Teddy Bear Counting is a great interactive book with colorful bears that will have young readers counting and naming colors. These bears are on the move. They dance, hop, skip and jump to introduce basic math concepts like shapes, grouping objects in sets, adding and subtracting. In a clearly illustrated format, Teddy Bear Counting teaches beginning math skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Timothy Bush

This picture book is a new take on a classic rhyme. A cute teddy bear reaches for a flower and falls out of the backpack in which he is riding. His owner, a little boy, doesn’t realize that he has fallen out and keeps walking home with his mother. The teddy bear befriends a dog and a bird and they help him get home safely. Bush’s cheery illustrations contain many fun details. This book would be a fun read- aloud in storytime as well as a good one- on-one book. The motions for this traditional chant are illustrated at the end of the book. 

Mark Burgess

Far away in a dark, dark forest a little grey wolf couldn't fall asleep. His mother gave him warm milk and read his favorite teddy bear book over and over, but he still couldn't sleep. The next morning he had a great idea. What he needed was a teddy bear to cuddle and love. That would put him to sleep. The problem was, where do you find teddy bears? Follow Little Wolf into the woods as he asks some of your favorite story book characters, "Where do teddy bears come from?" You'll love the warm, clever ending.