Shapes: Reading List

Shapes Reading List

Alan Baker

Brown Rabbit receives a colorfully-wrapped surprise package. What could it be? As he carefully unwraps each layer, various shapes, such as circles and squares, are highlighted. Some of the shapes are unusual, like the sausage shape or the curly-wurly one. Children will enjoy the large, colorful pictures centering around familiar themes of presents and balloons.

Leo and Diane Dillon

In What am I? Readers get a chance to guess the names of basic shapes. They also get a chance to guess the names of basic colors and the names of certain fruits. This marvelously created book complete with light-hearted poems and die-cut shapes not only presents many dissimilar ideas in an exceptional, enjoyable manner but it also should hold the attention of adults and children alike even after repeated readings. 

Rhonda Gowler

This book introduces children to the concept of the line and then shows how lines can be used to make shapes. Throughout the book, ten different shapes are identified in everyday objects, from a square checkerboard to a cresent moon. Each page is dedicated to one of these shapes with simple, colorful illustrations and rhyming verse. When a Line Bends  is an excellent choice for a child interested in a more in-depth look at shapes.

Tana Hoban

This colorful book of photographs will have children looking for circles and squares everywhere. The shapes can be found in objects such as buttons, boxes and cookies. Hoban’s trademark use of familiar objects as learning tools is fully displayed in this wonderful book for preschoolers and by the end of this book children will be able to identify all shapes. 

Michael Hall

This book appears to be simple, but can be used to invite children to explore art with paper. A "perfect square" is happy. It is shown with a smile on his “face”. Then on Monday it is cut into pieces and poked with holes and it makes itself into a fountain. On Tuesday, it is torn into scraps and it becomes a garden. The "perfect square" goes through many changes. Each time it is a different color. By Sunday, children will be in for a big surprise. In addition to being a wonderful springboard for art, this book is a concept book teaching both colors and the days of the week. Many children will be looking for their own square to transform when they finish the book.