Pets: Reading List

Pets Reading List

Edward Gibbs

What can you spy with your little eye? Pets of course! There are all sorts of animals waiting to be discovered in this adorable book. The colorful illustrations are large, bold, and inviting. And the round die-cut peephole and written clues help young children figure out which creature is hiding. This simple game in a book format brings enjoyable fun. 

John Himmelman

"Aroooo!" howls Katie when she's happy. And the day Sara Anne brings home three little kittens, Katie is very happy. Wagging her tail at the speed of light and howling her welcome, she scares the kittens. Sara Anne scolds Katie which makes her very sad. Poor Katie! She loves those kittens - why won't they love her back? She gives up and goes to sleep, but when she wakes up she is in for quite the surprise! John Himmelman both wrote and illustrated this sweet story about a dog who loves cats. His drawings of Katie capture her energy and emotion perfectly.

Kelly DiPucchio

Gilbert the goldfish has a fishbowl full of many treasures. In his bowl, there is a stone castle and a chest filled with gold. Every morning, food magically floats down from the sky. There is only one thing missing from his life. Gilbert wants a pet that he can take care of and love. But will Gilbert ever find the right pet for him? The laugh-out-loud illustrations that depict his imaginary and real pets make this a fun read!

Tammi Sauer

Cave Boy`s life is almost perfect. He has plenty of sticks, rocks and other toys, but what he really wants is a pet. So Cave Boy begins his search! First he brings home a woolly mammoth, but Cave Boy’s mother wonders where would they keep a woolly mammoth? Then Cave Boy brings home a saber-toothed tiger, named Toothy; unfortunately, Toothy makes Cave Boy’s father sneeze. What is Cave Boy to do? Will Cave Boy ever find the perfect pet? Bob Shea`s simple, cave-drawing- like illustrations bring this story to life. Boys will love this funny story that is filled with "caveman talk" and an exciting ending! Me love this book! 

Debbie Macomber & Mary Lou Carney

This very charming picture book is the second children`s book written by the team of Debbie Macomber and Mary Lou Carney. Taken from Debbie Macomber`s adult books set on Blossom Street, Ellen and her Yorkie dog, Baxter, move from Blossom Street to a new home in a cozy, small town. Ellen and Baxter are not sure they will be happy in their new town and house, until Ellen sees that her new town has many of the same warm and friendly inviting shops that are on Blossom Street. The pictures are full of spring-like colors with a quaint, hometown charm that will give you a warm-fuzzy feeling as you stroll with Ellen and Baxter around their new town.

Judy Young

Being a writer can be lonely. So Miss Wright decides to visit the pet store in search of the perfect pet. First she buys a Mynah bird, but it only mimics the sound of her keyboard as she types! After trying different pets, the pet store owner tells her to try a dog. Will he be the right pet for Miss Wright? Judy Young has written a heartwarming story about friendship. The details in the illustrations, including the intricately designed borders, are wonderful. This book is for anyone who knows that the perfect pet can fill a lonely place in your heart. 

Mo Willems

The adorable pigeon created by Mo Willems is back again in another humorous tale and this time he wants a puppy. He promises to "water it" and give it "plenty of sunshine." The pigeon begs and pleads for the puppy all while going through a whole range of emotions. Will the puppy turn out to be all that the pigeon dreamed about? You'll have to read this next book in the series by Willems to find out. Willems' use of pastel colors and different size and shape text help the story spring to life.