Monkeys: Reading List

Monkey Reading List

Esphyr Slobodkina (1940)

"Caps! Caps for Sale! Fifty cents a cap!" calls the peddler. He's got all kinds of caps to sell but this morning no one wants to buy them. So he takes a nap under a tree. When he wakes up, all his caps have gone! He looks up and sees the tree full of naughty monkeys wearing his caps. Will he ever get his caps back? This folktale has been a favorite of children because it is simple, humorous, and full of action. It can be acted out or read aloud and is perfect for beginning readers. The black ink and flat color illustrations are simple, yet effective showing the humor of the story. This is a classic that children will ask for again and again.

Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham (2010), Illustrated by Juan Wijngaard

Every day, Tashi goes with her mother to the tea plantation, where her mother picks leaves and buds for the plantation’s overseer. When Tashi’s mother gets sick, Tashi doesn’t know what to do. Tashi knows she needs a doctor, but they have no money to pay. Even though Tashi is too small to pick tea herself, she goes to the plantation to try. Then something wonderful happens! This story comes alive through beautiful ink and gouache illustrations and equally vivid language. Based on folklore from the Himalayas, Cloud Tea Monkeys will jump off the page and into your heart.

Melanie Walsh (1997), Illustrated by Melanie Walsh

Do monkeys tweet? Of course not, birds tweet. But have you ever heard a lamb go buzz, a butterfly growl, or rabbits oink? Children will laugh out loud and delight in answering these silly questions. With bright, colorful illustrations Do Monkeys Tweet? will be sure to become one of your child's favorites!

Eileen Christelow (1989) , Illustrated by Eileen Christelow

What happened after five little monkeys took a bath, put on their PJs, brushed their teeth, and said goodnight to their Mama? Naturally, they started jumping on the bed! Enjoy this delightful counting book complete with the familiar chant and comical monkeys. Christelow uses colored pencils to bring these mischievous monkeys to life. 

Eileen Christelow (1989) , Illustrated by Eileen Christelow

The five monkeys from "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," are back and into more trouble. While their mother snoozes, the mischievous monkeys scamper up a tree and dangle from a limb, teasing Mr. Crocodile in the water below. Mr. Crocodile SNAPS them up one by one, or does he? A humorous tale that will have your child chanting, "You can't catch me!" along with the little monkeys. Christelow's cartoon-style illustrations bring this traditional counting rhyme alive and available for any child to enjoy.

Suzanne Lang

Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime? Jim Panzee certainly has. Jim is going to a slumber party and there's LOTS to do. Jim plans on bobbing for mangoes, going termite fishing, and of course staying UP ALL NIGHT! But Jim gets more than a little frustrated when all the things he wanted to do go awry. One by one, everyone else falls asleep, while Jim is determined to stay up. How long will he last?

Michael Hall

Monkey tries to catch the brightly colored--and tasty-looking--minutes on the minute tree in his forest. Introduces basic concepts about time and how time passes and is measured.

Colleen Madden

At the zoo with her family, a girl mopes around until she is asked to help rescue the zoo's penguins from boredom.

Sam Lloyd

Two monkeys on neighboring islands want to get together for banana milkshakes, but first they must figure out how to avoid the threatening sharks that live between their two homes.