Gorillas: Reading List

Gorillas Reading List

Peggy Rathmann

This book is the perfect bedtime story for new readers to enjoy. With just ten repeated words, the story is really told through the humorous and witty illustrations. As a tired zoo-keeper locks up his animals and goes to bed, a mischievous gorilla follows and lets them loose. The fun begins when the zoo-keeper trudges home unaware that a parade of animals have come too. Readers will find delight in looking for the pink balloon and tiny mouse found on each page.

Ruth Bornstein

Everybody loved little gorilla, his mother, his father, his grandma and grandpa. His whole family loved him. All the animals loved him too, Pink Butterfly, Green Parrot and even Red Monkey. They all loved little gorilla and were always there for him when he needed them. But one day something happened. Little gorilla began to grow and grow and grow. He grew so big! What would his family and friends do now? Would they still love him? Read Little Gorilla and find out.

Atsuko Morozumi

How would you feel if you had a huge gorilla living in your house? The young boy in this story is at first frightened of the big animal that his father has brought home from the zoo. However, his feelings change as his new friend climbs trees with him, pushes his bike in the park and even comes to his birthday party. This heart warming story with simple and sparse text is brought alive by colorfully detailed watercolor illustrations. The large illustrations not only fill the entire page, but also are very emotional as the day arrives when the gorilla must leave.

Anthony Browne

With extraordinary artistic detail and style, Anthony Browne explores a variety of primates in this beautiful, oversized counting book. Beginning with one gorilla and counting up to ten, readers will encounter the well- known chimpanzees and lemurs along with the lesser known mandrills and macaques. By including his self- portrait at the end, followed by a collection of human portraits representing many cultures, Browne makes a powerful statement about the connectedness of the primate family.

Harriet Blackford

The gentle gorilla face on the cover entices the viewer to read his story. As baby gorilla peeps at the world from his mother's arms, starts to grow, and explores the African forest, the author shares interesting facts through simple, engaging text. The stunning, full page paintings enhance this gorilla's journey from birth to maturity. Readers will be treated to facts about sleeping habits, eating habits, potential dangers and favorite pastimes. The author includes additional information about this endangered species. This powerful author-illustrator duo has joined forces previously in similar natural history picture books on tigers and elephants. Monkey lovers and all young animal lovers will be delighted and well informed!

Patrick Wensink

When a little gorilla refuses to eat, his parents desperately try to find something that will appeal to their baby, offering him everything from plantain ravioli to banana-nut fudge.

Jeff Mack

Using illustrations and only two words, shows the trouble a young boy has trying to get his very playful pet gorilla to go to bed.

Barbara Bottner

Priscilla is obsessed with gorillas. But when her ape-like behavior gets her sent to the Thinking Corner, Priscilla wonders if she is really channeling her inner gorilla, or just being a troublemaker

Chae Strathie

When five hungry animals visit Sam's ice cream shop, he whips up some amazing creations, including a yummy blue-cheese sundae for Mouse and a wormy, squirmy cone for Hen. But then along comes a very special customer with the most surprising choice of all.