Fish: Reading List

Fish Reading List

Lucy Cousins

Get ready--it's time to celebrate fish! Lucy Cousins does just that in this beautifully illustrated book. But, these are not just ordinary fish and include such wonders as "happy fish, gripy fish", the rare "ele-fish, shelly fish," and the unique "eye fish, shy fish." Unusual and brightly colored, these fish almost jump off the page. Babies and children will delight as each one is revealed. Simple rhyming text and large brilliant illustrations make this book a treasure to read again and again. 

Eric Carle

Hermit the crab outgrows his shell and finds a new one that is a good size, but too plain-looking for him. As he goes on his way, he meets six sea creatures that he asks to live with him. Some examples are: he asks the handsome starfish to decorate his home, the fierce-looking sea urchin to protect it, and a lanternfish to light up his house. This book is sure to please animal lovers with its bright pictures and images that seem to swim off the page. Also, children can be introduced to the names of the months of the year as they journey along with Hermit Crab. On the dedication page, there is information about hermit crabs and at the end of the book, information about the sea creatures of the story.

Kelly DiPucchio

Gilbert the goldfish has a fishbowl full of many treasures. In his bowl, there is a stone castle and a chest filled with gold. Every morning, food magically floats down from the sky. There is only one thing missing from his life. Gilbert wants a pet that he can take care of and love. But will Gilbert ever find the right pet for him? The laugh-out-loud illustrations that depict his imaginary and real pets make this a fun read!

Marcus Pfister

This enchanting tale of a rainbow fish with glittering scales teaches us all an important lesson in life: That even though we all may have special gifts and talents, the only way to truly appreciated these gifts is to share them with others. A captivating book full of imaginative images and a simple storyline.

Deborah Freedman

This is a delightful tale about two friends who live inside a book! Every day, Fish visits a new book, and returns with a story for Snail. One day, Fish wants to show Snail the new book he`s discovered, but Snail would have to leave his book to see this new story. Snail doesn`t want to go and he has an argument with Fish. Will Fish and Snail`s friendship end? Or will Snail find the courage to go on a new adventure with Fish? Beautiful and imaginative illustrations help bring this story to life.