Firefighters: Reading List

Firefighters Reading List

Jennifer Boothroyd

Every community needs firefighters! Firefighters keep people safe by putting out fires and teaching fire safety. Join Grover and friends in this fun approach to key curricular content and learn all about firefighters.

Frank Dormer

Firefighter Duckies fill a busy day with everything from rescuing a whale that is stuck in a tree to helping a monster who is having trouble seeing.

Lucy George

It's a busy day for Frank the firefighter, there's a fire at the school and Gerald the guinea pig is still inside! Can Frank and his crew save the day?

Gina Bellisario

Are you curious about fire trucks? Firefighting clothes? Hoses and ladders? You're in luck! Firefighter Jim works at the fire department. He knows how to handle all kinds of emergencies. He shows a group of kids how he does his job. Let's hear it for firefighters!