Crocodiles: Reading List

Crocodiles Reading List

Eileen Christelow (1989) , Illustrated by Eileen Christelow

The five monkeys from "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," are back and into more trouble. While their mother snoozes, the mischievous monkeys scamper up a tree and dangle from a limb, teasing Mr. Crocodile in the water below. Mr. Crocodile SNAPS them up one by one, or does he? A humorous tale that will have your child chanting, "You can't catch me!" along with the little monkeys. Christelow's cartoon-style illustrations bring this traditional counting rhyme alive and available for any child to enjoy.

Bernard Waber

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is a classic picture book that is still as funny and exciting as it was when it was first published. Imagine having a crocodile for a pet who can sing, dance, play games and is helpful. Unfortunately, the neighbor thinks that Lyle is too friendly with his cat. After a series of escapades that land Lyle in trouble, he is sent to live in the zoo. But nothing can keep Lyle from his family. Waber's delightful watercolor illustrations bring the streets of downtown Manhattan to life.

Karen Wallace

Step into the world of a "huge, hungry crocodile" as she waits underwater for a catfish to swim close. At the same time she shows her vulnerability as she lets small birds peck food from her teeth. After her babies hatch from their eggs, she becomes a mother crocodile, fierce and watchful. The bright, watercolor illustrations make the crocodile appear to jump from the pages, while the smooth poetry of the text whispers: "Imagine you are a crocodile."

Won-Ldy Paye & Margaret H. Lippert

Pretty Mrs. Chicken travels to the river in order to get a better view of her wings, which don't show up in the reflection of a small puddle. However when a crocodile grabs her by the foot, Mrs. Chicken must convince the crocodile that they are sisters. With little time, will Mrs. Chicken be able to trick crocodile or will she be eaten after all? This clever surprise ending is sure to make readers smile and realize not only how pretty Mrs. Chicken is, but how smart too. Beautifully colorful illustrations bring this folktale to life.

Paul Galdone

A very quick monkey and a cunning crocodile match wits in this lively tale. Large, bright illustrations capture the eye and the imagination as the crocodile tries to catch and eat the monkey. But twice the monkey fools the croc and escapes. Younger children will enjoy the adventure, and older ones will appreciate the clever antics of both monkey and crocodile.

Rebecca Colby

Illustrations and rhyming text inform the reader that, despite quills, claws, fangs, and more, animals--like children--all need love and affection.

Tar Gomi

Crocodile goes to the dentist, and both of them have to overcome their fears--not only of tooth extractions, but of each other.

Nicola O'Byrne

 In this unique interactive book, children are encouraged to take part in the story and use their imaginations to guide the crocodile door-to-door on his journey. Will he ever find his way home?

Delphine Perret

Pedro and George are fed up with the children of the world getting them confused. Pedro is a crocodile, and George is an alligator. There's a difference, you know. This determined pair decides to go on a mission to prove who's who, once and for all