Bath Time: Reading List

Bath Time Reading List

Marilyn Janovitz

In this charming picture book, Daddy takes his little wolf cub through the bathtime - bedtime ritual with sing-song rhymes and step by step fun. Little cub asks "Is it time?" as Dad checks his watch to signal bathing, howling, teeth brushing and teddy bear tucking. Happy illustrations of the family interaction along with repetition of the tasks make this a perfect addition to any toddler's bed time preparations.

Ted Arnold

Huggly, a pudgy little monster, comes out from under a child's bed looking for snacks. He finds the bathroom and the fun begins when he slides into the tub. Preschool children will enjoy this late night adventure.

Audrey Wood

King Bidgood is running his kingdom from the bathtub! He loves his bath so much that he simply refuses to get out. He is running his poor page so badly that all he does is yell for help! Help comes in the form of the knight, the queen, the duke and the court. Will any of them get King Bidgood to part from his tubside throne?

David McPhail

Harry the dog hates baths and knows exactly what to do when he hears the bath water running. He hides the scrubbing brush and runs away! But after some fun-filled dirty adventures will his family still recognize him?