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The StoryPlace Pre-school Library is full of great activities for you to explore. Choose a theme below to start the fun!

Theme On-line Story On-line Activity Take-home Activity Suggested Reading Parent's Activity

AnimalsMorris' Special DayWho Am I?Mouse MaskAnimals Reading ListAnimals / Animales
BabiesFive Little BabiesFind the BabyBaby RattleJunior's Reading ListBabies
Bath TimeI Will Not Take a BathIt's Bath Time!Duck Water ScoopBath Time Reading ListBathtime
ColorsColor the RainbowWhat Color Is It?Color Concentration GameFreda's Reading ListColors
CrocodilesClyde's Smile5 Hungry CrocsStand-up CrocodileClyde's Reading ListAlligators and Crocodiles
FirefightersTime to Fight a FireWhat Should Fran Wear?Dottie DalmatianFire Fighters Reading ListFire Fighters
FishNew Fish on the ReefSwimming Is Fun For FishPaper Plate FishFish Reading ListFish
GorillasThe Yellow GorillaBaby Gorilla Goes ShoppingReversible Gorilla Stick PuppetGorilla Reading ListGorillas
MonkeyBananas for LunchCount the BananasPaper Bag PuppetChamp's Reading ListMonkeys
MusicThe Barnyard ChorusThe All Star BandMusical ShakerMusic Reading ListMusic
PetsThe Perfect PetPick a PetPuppy PuppetPets Reading ListPets
ShapesStory of ShapesI Spy ShapesShape MobileShapes Reading ListShapes
Teddy Bears6 Little Teddy BearsWhat Will Bella Wear?Paper Teddy BearBella Bear's Reading ListTeddy Bears
TrainsEngine Nine, Party LineWhich is Bigger?Build a TrainTrains Reading ListTrains
WheelsWhen Will Daddy Come Home?Count the WheelsCreate a CarWheels Reading ListWheels

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